Thursday, June 28, 2012

Not all beer & skittles

One of the great pleasures of making and selling wine is meeting your importers and agents all around the world.

This week I am in Hong Kong promoting our wines with our importers there (Nathan Fine Wines). Not the best time of the year to be here; hot, humid, crowds...

But, it's not all bad. Tonight I am hosting a Winemakers Dinner featuring Murdoch James Estate wines at Sky Crystal Restaurant at the top of the ICC Tower in Kowloon. This is the highest restaurant in Hong Kong on the 101st floor of the tower (to confirm, that is the 101st floor). A 7 course menu matching our wines with a great selection of Shanghai style dishes. I'm told it is a total sell-out, so that is great. The tall building in the centre of the image on the right is the ICC Tower. It will be privilege to present our wines there and to experience a very special location in which to do it. Only problem is, I'm a wee bit frightened of heights - but, as they say, no such thing a free lunch (or in this case dinner)!

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