Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The saddest day at Murdoch James Estate

Obituary: Pepper Fraser.

Pepper - The Chardonnay 'Guard Dog'!

Last week we lost our beloved Pepper. For those that do not know she was an Airedale we raised in Australia and brought back to New Zealand when we came home to plant our first vineyard. She has been Jill's and my companion for over 14 years and she welcomed many folk at our the cellar door all that time. Everyone got an inspection and had to pass approval before being allowed in, and a few pats on the way past were obligatory. In later years, as she aged, the process changed a bit. In the last few years, she just lay there happily, lifted a leg for visitors to scratch her tummy, then they had to step over her to get to our restaurant or tasting room. 

Lovely, gentle and friendly, she converted many children who were frightened of large dogs to dog-lovers. It was great to see, and over the years many kids have come back to the winery looking for her. It was always a great thrill to see them recognise her and rush to pat her, pull her tail, or just cuddle her. 

Sadly no more now, but our memories of those 14 years are rich and rewarding;  'walkies' every morning and night, a big wagging tail at the front door on arrival home (no matter how late we were), a big snuffly head out the window of our cars as we drove through the smells of the New Zealand country-side, a patient companion sitting at our feet in the office while we worked at nights communicating with customers all over the world, but best of all unconditional love from a wonderful dog. 

As I write this I find it unbelievable anyone can abuse pets. In doing so, while demonstrating they are undeserving humans, they are missing out on one of the most uplifting experiences anyone can ever enjoy.

Raising a puppy teaches you patience and tolerance (think chewed favourite shoes and furniture!) but most of all it taught me that most of the stuff people consider important in the world pales beside the experience of sharing part of your life with a very special pet. The sad thing is that they don't live as long as we do, so parting always seems to come too soon and with a rush.

While we knew the end was approaching, it was still heart-breaking the day she passed away.  

Pepper - all your family and friends, your acquintances, visitors to the winery, your buddies in the local dog population, the postman, and our neighbours, as well as Chardonnay, Rocco and Winston, will miss you for terribly. But in the fullness of time we will recall with increasing pleasure the best dog anyone could have been fortunate to have been given the gift of sharing 14 years with. 



  1. Oh Roger, you and Jill and the extended clan must feel hearbroken at the passing of your curly, gorgeous and wonderful Pepper. We are so sorry for your loss. We know firsthand that how much you grieve is measured by how much you loved, and 14 years of love and constant companionship must mean many lumps in throat and tears shed. It took us some time to come to terms with losing Inky, our cat of 17 years and recently, our piggy Squiggles. Pepper will leave a gap in your heart and in the doorway to the tasting room, she was blessed to be so loved and cared for and to have lived in the paradise that is Murdoch James Estate.

  2. Oh my what a testament to a special pet who you loved. I hope that your memories of Pepper will bring comfort through the pain you are feeling now and the gap in your lives she leaves behind. I've just come home from a particularly frustrating day at work and seeing the wags of my bassets tails makes life seem so much better and I will cherish that every day we have them with us.

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  4. Sorry for your loss guys. I only met Pepper a couple of times but she was obviously an important part of the family and losing a friend is never easy.

  5. Thanks Craig, it was a big loss, and she was a lovely dog.

    How are things going for you with the new activities? Has been a wet/windy winter for us and the winery!