Sunday, April 26, 2009

ANZAC Day - Very Special

Saturday 26th April.

Last day in Brisbane and 26C – back to NZ tonight, and 10C!

Today is ANZAC Day where Aussies and Kiwis honour their war veterans. It is a wonderful tribute and each year attracts more and more participants, particularly young children who have started to develop an appreciation of the sacrifices made by previous generations on behalf of the current one. Watching old veterans parade proudly, and celebrate their contribution to their country's military successes, makes one wonder what we have lost as society becomes ever more self-centred.

All shops are closed until 1.00pm today, and it is wonderful to see how retailers respect this.

After lunch though it was back to work and several store calls to be made before heading to the airport to catch the flight home. I have attached images of some of the Vintage Cellars and First Choice stores I called on today. I am always impressed with the calibre of the staff, their commitment to customer service, and their keen interest in wine. I could not have my wines sold by anyone better and I’m thrilled to work with them all. As consumers you should have great confidence their advice will give you not only the wine you want, but also value for money. Try some of their more interesting recommendations sometime too!

Tomorrow will be back to hands-on reporting of our 2009 vintage.